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Who are the Knights of King Ina?

A “scratch” side dancing and studying English Jigs, to be an expert resource in English Jig Dancing.

Membership is open to anyone agreeing with the core aims as set out by invitation of a member.

Knights of King Ina are members of Morris Federation, membership being funded from the activities of the side.

A membership list is kept by the KOKI Squire. Enquiries for contact via the website and by email will be directed accordingly.

KOKI will run practices/workshops which may be led by any member of the side in their local area in pursuance of the aims.

Members are available to be booked for evening and day master classes, workshops, displays, festivals etc. making attendance available to the rest of the side.

Attendance at practices is not a requirement for membership.

KOKI dances in solid Black and White kit, usually the divide is at the waist. Small print, busy, fabrics are discouraged but large bold stripes and/or spots are encouraged. The dancer may adorn the basic kit as they see fit, rosettes, ribbons waistcoats etc. as desired, all in black and/or white. Current (2015) preferred is White below the waist and black collarless shirt.

The Knights at Folk on the Quay - Poole  2014